If you're not assessing, you're guessing - 

At PURE Movement we test baseline metrics to help set the bar and encourage progress within the gym. To keep it simple we test, train then re-test and repeat that process. This result driven training is our bread and butter.

The testing is split into metrics, mobility, stability, strength and conditioning.


Specific body metrics arent for everyone but is the basic way to tell if you're making compositional changes.

Height: This shouldn't change too much

Weight: An easy metric accompanied with bodyfat to gauge muscle gain or loss.

Bodyfat: Generally a decrease in this is desired.


Great movement and injury prevention starts with mobility. This gives a great foundation to build from. First move well, then move often.

Ankle function: a knee to wall test hoping to get the toes 12mm away from the wall. If ankle mobility is limited then everything up the chain has to compensate.

Hip function: every human being needs to hip hinge. Feet together, eyes on toes, touch your toes.

Shoulder function: Reaching behind your neck and up your back to touch your fingers together. Healthy shoulders helps with all upper body movements


Being stable is the next dialogue to be had in the movement conversation. Stability is not to be confused with strength. Stability is the ability to control joint through range of motion, balance, coordination and proprioception.

Feet together squat: a challenging piece that ties all the functions in together

Single leg capacity: eyes closed for 30 seconds. Your feet are sensors and should act like it

Hang capacity: a good test of grip and shoulder capacity. 60 seconds is the goal.

Carry capacity: 75% of your bodyweight divided evenly into each hand. Walk for 90 seconds. This is an example of postural alignment and core control.


Strength is relative but it provides the final stage of the platform to build power, endurance, agility, speed and general athleticism off of. All maxes for PURE Movement testing are determined by when you break form.

Deadlift max: a great show in posterior chain development.

Bench max: Honestly, bench is great fun.

Front Squat max: these have amazing athletic carryover.

Turkish Get Up max: This one exercise is arduous to train but provides the greatest aid to overall movement quality.


Metabolic conditioning is the final metric we test. 

PURE Conditioning: A scaled event for time. Complete it as fast as you can.

This sounds like a full-on day but over 2/3 of the activities are completed in around 5 minutes and all of the testing is optional but encouraged. Specific testing is also completed on the day for individuals for example high jump or max Olympic lifts.