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Hannah Holland
2016 NZIFBB Pro/AM 1st place Novice Bikini
2016 NZIFBB Pro/AM 2nd place Open Bikini

I started training with Aaron after my last bodybuilding comp and within quite a short period of time he’s increased my own training efficiency quite alot! Aaron has worked with me to identify the way in which I’ve been moving my body, about how and why I do certain things that cause stiffness or pain in other areas. His knowledge has been invaluable to my training.  Being able to recognize these and work on them with him, has meant that when I am at the gym training alone; my exercises are more effective and I’m getting more out of every session – this has been vital  for my growth going into further shows! I’m quite a self reliant person and like to do my own training, so working with Aaron has really complimented that and I have felt really empowered by him. Would recommend him to anybody! 

Anna 2
Anna Walraven
2015 NZIFBB Wellington figure 1st Place
2015 NZIFBB National 2nd Place
2015 Arnold Classic 3rd Place
Owner of The Wild Flower Florist

I couldn’t recommend Aaron at Pure Movement anymore highly! He has helped me out so much with my knee, and back problems. His knowledge doesn’t cease to blow my mind! If you want results I 100% suggest Aaron.

Testimonials Nice things people have said

Roneel Kumar
Principal Account Architect at Datacom

“Go see Aaron” was the best advice anyone has given me about my body. Aaron’s approach caters for the unique journey your body has been on, and then takes it on a journey of discovery to unlock its true potential.

Micaela Bailey
Teacher at Dyer Street Primary School

Aaron is amazing and is a font of knowledge. I’d recommend him to anyone keen to work on their technique and he’ s helped me so much with my functional movement.

Bruce Jensen
Director of Add Smart Ltd.

Aaron has changed my perception of gym’s and has been an awesome help to our whole family. His drive and passion has helped me achieve a number of personal fitness goals with more to come!

Elizabeth Kempson
Team Leader

Aaron from Pure Movement has worked tirelessly with me to achieve fitness and strength goals I could only dream about previously. I recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone wanting to maximise their functional movement, including injury rehabilitation, general strength and fitness work, and nutritional advice.

James Bignell
Mechanical Engineer

Aaron understands functional movement and is knowledgeable about prime movers and stabilisers, knowing when each should be working. He has a vast array of corrective exercises and cues to get you to the correct technique.

Joe Dugdale
IT at Datacom

When I started training with Aaron 3 years ago, I was shocked to learn how inefficiently I was moving and lifting. The problems weren’t always where I thought they were either. After an initial movement screen we set about correcting what was wrong from the ground up, and now personal bests are being beaten regularly. Cannot recommend them highly enough, whether it’s rehabilitation of an injury, or increased strength and mobility is the goal, these guys will put you on the right path!

Elle Simpson
Graphic Designer

I’m sorry Les Mills trainers but PURE Movement have stolen me! Aaron has to be the best trainer I’ve had, learning so much and noticing massive improvements in strength and balance. Always sore after a session, its definitely worth the trip out to the Hutt. Love the personalised training, and knowledge these guys have, know you are in good hands!

Graeme Gibson
General Manager at Datacom

I have been training with Aaron for three years. It has been a continuation of my previous training regime focusing on strength, endurance and explosive power. Apart from the obvious benefits of progressive improvement I have experienced remarkable improvement in core strength which has virtually eliminated previous reoccurring lower back pain and injury. This combined with increased flexibility has meant my sporting endeavours have been heightened and recovery has been much improved.

Aaron has also taken my previous martial arts experience and given me sound instruction in combat and defence training. We have focused on technique, strike power, basic defence against knife attacks and metal approach to effective self defence. As a result of his instruction and training style my confidence in my ability has increased markedly and it has allowed me to work on more complex and challenging fight techniques.

Overall I have genuinely appreciated Aaron’s instruction and his personal concern for my progress.

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