Road to the Rig


$25 P/W Gym Studio Membership

No-term contract! What's not to love.

Train together
Gain together

Training in a team helps you achieve your goals and stay motivated for longer.

"None of us is as strong as all of us"

TEAM TRAINING harnesses levels of motivation that simply aren't attainable when training alone.


Team Training

Bring your A-game or what we like to call the FIZZ to this high intensity group session.

Personal Training

Receive a bespoke exercise, nutrition, sleep and recovery plan to achieve your goals.

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Studio Access

Explore the playground that is our gym with access to all the services and amenities.

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about US

At PURE Movement we work hard to create a team environment. Whether you’re in a group session or working out alone, the encouragement and support you feel sets us apart from the rest.
We truly believe in moving well before moving more. We’ll take the time to get your technique right so you can train harder and for longer.

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