Movement How you interact with your environment


“First move well, then move often” – Gray Cook

People move plenty yet do not necessarily move well. This is like building a house without laying a foundation.

For many years this quality of movement has slipped through the cracks of health and fitness. We are really good at assessing and fixing parts, we are really good at assessing and addressing performance, yet the piece that connects them has been left by the wayside.

PURE MOVEMENT uses a systems approach of screening the way you move, correcting dysfunctional movement, then developing those movements, to endure the safest training experience possible.

We believe it is a human right to live pain free and move well.


  • Begin by screening mobility, stability and motor control. These parameters are expressed through your movement patterns and are assessed as to which are painful, dysfunctional and functional.

  • Do you have mobility issues due to a lack of stability or if you have stability issues due to a lack of mobility?

    Movement is corrected by adding mobility and stability drills and subtracting contradictory lifestyle factors like poor sleep, stress, nutrition and recovery.

    “You cannot out movement screen a bad diet” – Brett Jones.

  • Develop improved movement patterns that last a lifetime through capacity and performance training.

    Build resilience to the breakdown of fundamental patterns by challenging your movement to fully maximize your body’s capabilities through speed, strength, power and endurance.



PURE Movement began in 2012 under the humble name of Tough’n Up Training running boot-camps. The specific issue that sparked a ‘quality of movement’ conversation was one client could not squat yet another of the same stature, age and physical condition (Even played the same sport) could squat all session long. 

Realizing we were adding to the ‘fitness on top of dysfunction’ problem we opened a private studio late 2012 re branding to PURE Movement with the mission of people moving better giving them the tools to endure the challenges from day to day activities to physical exercise without movement dysfunction holding them back.


Full range of gym equipment

Men’s and women’s showers

Fresh towels

Water fountain