Frequently Asked Questions


  • Only physiotherapy sessions are covered by ACC. These include general accidents, sports and work related injuries, post surgical rehabilitation and more. You do not need a referral to attend our clinic and it is asked you arrive at the studio 10 minutes prior to your session to fill out ACC forms. Visit Teamphysio for more information.
  • We are a private fitness studio. Sessions are all one on one / small group. This means you have access to all equipment at all times and will not be interrupted during your session.

  • Of course! Organise a meet and greet with your movement specialist. However, they will not be able to train with you in any capacity until the proper safety screens have been completed.

  • Seeing as we are a private studio you may bring your young ones in during your session provided they are well behaved.


  • Your screening score will not stop your workouts. In fact, the screening score is designed to enhance your workouts.

    They will temporarily limit unsafe movement patterns whilst they are corrected. For example, if you score poorly for shoulder mobility, you will not be “Snatching” as part of your plan until that shoulder mobility is addressed.

    This is a proven, safe method of training.

  • Yes we can regain that toe touch for you provided there is no medical reason why you cannot touch your toes I.e part of your spine is missing or metal rods stop you from forward flexion.


  • If you give over 24 hours notice for your session, they session is still paid for via direct debit and you organise an extra time to make that session up. If you cancel your session within 24 hours then the session is void and no refund will be provided. Late arrivals will be seen for the remainder of scheduled appointment time only.

    If the Movement Specialist fails to attend a Session at the agreed time without notice, the Client is entitled to a complimentary training session at an agreeable time. If the Movement Specialist cancels a Session for any reason, the Session is void and shall be made up on a different date.

  • At least one month’s notice must be given to cancel or terminate the Agreement. Cancellations must be given in writing. 25% of the remainder of the agreement must be paid. There will be no refund of any monies paid.

  • Log into your account and cancel through there before your next payment cycle.

  • Speaking service fees are non refundable within 14 days of the event. If cancelled before 14 days you will be refunded 80% of monies paid.

    If a movement specialist cancels the speaking arrangement for any reason at any time then 100% of monies will be refunded or credit can be applied for future speaking engagements within the same calendar year.

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